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What It Takes To Be A Good Basketball Player

First of all, playing basketball requires natural skill. But if you want to make it to the top and to play a great game constantly, there are certain things that you must do and improve. Therefore, if you are passionate about this sport and you know that you could do better, read the following lines to learn what it takes to be a good basketball player.

Learn the rules perfectly

In order to master the game, you must first master the rules. A lot of young players are problematic for their teams due to the fact that they forget certain rules, and they make mistakes during the game. To avoid this from happening to you, join a club team as early as you can, or join one in the summer between seasons. By playing alongside professionals and being coached properly, you will focus better on the rules, getting to improve your game this way.

Improve ball handling skills

The truth is that practice makes perfect, especially in when it comes to sports. If you want to be a good basketball player, you should be able to handle the ball well, dribbling it without thinking too hard. For this skill to become natural to you, you have to practice a lot in your free time. A great way to improve your ball handling skills is to practice with circle dribbles. Use one hand to dribble the ball in circles around your right foot, and then switch to the other hand and leg to practice some more. For this exercise, you can use chairs or cones. Also, another way to improve your ball handling skills is by doing figure 8 dribbles. In this exercise, you dribble the ball in and out of your legs while using a figure 8 motion. Bounce the ball from one hand to another, and practice with both hands to make it easier to change directions on the floor.

Improve passing ability

Passing is one of the most important skills that you must master in order to have a good game. There are 2 basic ways to pass the ball. You either throw the ball to your teammate without it bouncing, or you pass it with a bounce. To improve this aspect of your game, it’s better to play a pickup game in which you won’t dribble at all for you to focus solely on passing. Also, to have better control of the ball, try to make it a habit out of passing it with both hands.

Improve ball shooting

The shooters are the ones who get all the glory, for obvious reasons. The end score depends mostly on the way in which they handle the game and score. But for you to be good at ball shooting, you must learn how to avoid the situation in which your shots are blocked or you miss. When you shoot the ball, use your fingertips for better control. Also, you must bend your legs and stay small at the beginning of the shot, springing up with the body straightened at the end of the shot. Remember to go for higher percentage shots because those are the shots that make a difference in the game. In case you notice that you’re having a hard time when you do certain types of shots, focus on them while you practice to improve yourself.

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