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Recommended Body Fat Percentage for Elite Athletes

Elite athletes treat their bodies like temples, and every inch of their body is always perfect. If you want to get to the top as an athlete, you must have certain physical attributes. Among these attributes is the body fat percentage. Therefore, if you want to learn which is the recommended body fat percentage for elite athletes to know what you must aim for, read the following lines.

Ideal body fat percentage for elite athletes

The body fat percentage of male elite athletes typically ranges between 6 percent to 13 percent. When it comes to women elite athletes, the body fat percentage ranges between 14 percent to 20 percent. These stats are healthy to maintain, providing the body with the right amount of body fat for it to function normally. This is the reason why it’s recommended to maintain your body fat percentage like the elite athletes if you want to lead a healthy and long life., not only if you want to become one yourself.

Monitor your body fat percentage with the Omron Fat Loss Monitor

For you to ensure that you’re on the right track and to maintain yourself at the ideal levels of body fat percentage when you get there, you should use the Omron Fat Loss Monitor. You can purchase this body fat analyzer for the small price of $35. It will accurately measure your body mass index and body fat percentage using the bioelectrical impedance method. In order to deliver an optimal body fat scale accuracy, this device provides the standard and athlete modes for you to choose between based on your exercise regimen. It displays the reading in only 7 seconds. In addition, it can store up to 9 different profiles at once to make it possible for you and your family members to use it without interfering with each other’s results.

How to reduce body fat in a healthy way

To reach the recommended body fat percentage for an elite athlete, you have a long road to go on. But if you stick to the recommended diet and exercise, you will one day make it and have the perfect body that you dreamed of. Your diet must be based on fruits, vegetables, and fish. Avoid processed foods and sweets at all costs, or else you’ll set yourself back on your track to perfection. Also, make sure that you exercise intensely at least 30 minutes every day. Push yourself and go for longer and harder workouts every single day to ensure that you will reach the desired results fast. Your health and overall appearance will be improved a lot if you stick to this lifestyle, maintaining an ideal body fat percentage.


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