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How to Properly Hydrate when Working Out

One of the dangers of working out is dehydration caused by the intense effort that forces you to sweat and eliminate most of the water in your body. As this happens, your core temperature rises and you are on the verge of suffering from heat exhaustion. To avoid this from happening, you must hydrate very well before, during, and after you work out so you will support your body in handling the effort. Hydrate is not just about drinking water and knowing some useful tips will help you hydrate properly when working out.

Drink water before you start exercising

Before you start working out, you must offer your body some water stacks that will help it face the heat and the effort. If we are talking about a workout at the gym, you should drink plenty of water and feed on fruits and vegetables that also contain water. If you will start a marathon or join a competition, you should start hydrating a day before the event so you will have the necessary water resources to prevent any health issue. However, stop drinking 30 minutes before you start exercising or you will feel sick on a stomach full of water.

Keep drinking water as you work out

During the exercising, you must keep offering your body all the water it needs in order to stay strong and prevent heat exhaustion. You will lose the water you drank prior to exercising so you will need to drink more as you get hot and sweaty. Take small sips from time to time and avoid drinking a whole bottle at once, no matter how thirsty you feel. It’s best to drink moderate amounts during your workout session so your stomach will be fine and you will receive the water you need to go on.

Hydrate after you finish exercising

After you finish exercising, you should drink water until you no longer feel thirsty then you should drink a little more to make sure you get all the water you need. Still, you could be dehydrated and not know about it so you should check your urine and if it’s color is darker than pale yellow, you are still dehydrated.

Drink only quality water

The quality of the water you drink is as important as the quantity because you wouldn’t want to ingest water contaminants that could make you feel sick. It is recommended to drink water that has been filtered with a good water filter that removes the harmful water contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, and germs. Also, athletes recommend that you drink alkaline water because it’s more hydrating as it travels deeper into your body. To get alkaline water at low prices, try the water ionizer that you can install at home and enjoy fresh and clean water for a proper workout hydration.

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