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Does Your Local Gym Respect Air Quality Standards

Gyms are crowded places where the air quality can often go extremely low due to all the people that come here, the machines that work for many hours in a row, and all the dust that gathers in the carpets and furniture. The air quality in a public gym should meet some standards that ensure the comfort and safety of the users and your local gym should meet these standards too. If you suspect that the heavy breathing at the gym is not caused by the effort in your workouts, chances are you are dealing with some air quality issues.

What is in the air at the gym?

With all the people that wander at the gym, no wonder the air becomes hard to breathe. Only if you imagine the amount of carbon dioxide that people release into the air, you will see why it sometimes feel so hard to breathe. Also, the level of dust in the air is very high because people come and go and they bring all sorts of impurities on their clothes. Dust lies in the carpets and mattresses at the gym and dust mites can often develop in soft fabrics that are not cleaned properly. Plus, the fitness equipment creates heat and its functioning can alter the air quality as well.
Despite all these air impurities, every gym should feel comfortable and the air should be ventilated and filtered. When you start looking for a gym or you are already going to one, check if it has an air purifier to handle the air quality. Many gyms rely on the efficiency of the best filterless air purifiers because these devices can remove the pollutants from the indoor air and require little maintenance, being the most efficient solution for crowded places like the gym.

Look for mold signs

Another serious concern related to gyms is the mold issue that affects many public places, especially those with high humidity levels, like the gym. Whether it’s because of people sweat or because of the steam in the lockers, gyms can often deal with mold and mildew. Unlike the air impurities that are invisible to the naked eye, you can see mold once it starts to come out from the walls, floors, or carpets.
In order to prevent mold problems, your local gym should have a dehumidifier to absorb the excess air moisture and prevent the development of mold and mildew. Dehumidifiers come in many sizes and can handle even very large areas like a local gym so that the breathing air will be cleaner and easier to breathe.

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