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Best Lower Abs Workouts

Having perfect abs is every man’s and woman’s dream and it sometimes seems the hardest to fulfill because lower belly fat is hard to lose. Luckily, there are some dedicated workouts that target belly fat and help you get rid of it and work the muscles so you will have a perfectly flat belly to display. Here are the best lower abs workouts that guarantee you will have a slim waist and packs of muscles.


Lie on the ground with your face up and your palms on the ground in the sides. Raise your legs upright and bend the knees and keep them bent above the ground. Then, easily tap the floor with your heels one leg at a time while keeping the other leg bent in the air. This will work your lower abs muscles as your body will struggle to maintain one leg in the air while the other one reaches the floor.

Crunch scissors

Also lying on the floor, try the following workout that is great for your lower abs because it keeps the muscles contracted as you try not to touch the ground. Put your hands behind your head and raise it off the floor while you slightly lift your legs in the air. Do the scissor kick back and forth or left and right so you will keep your legs tensed in the air and the abs contracted.

Knee slider

For this type of exercise, you will need a clean floor and some sliders or a towel. Place your palms on the ground and your toe tips on the towel or sliders then pull your legs towards your core until your knees touch your chest. Then, slide the legs to the back to get into the initial position and repeat the movement.

Plank row

Lie on the floor in a plank position, namely sitting on your forearms and your toes and place two sliders or a towel under your legs. With your entire body strained, slightly pull your weight to the front without moving your arms or hunching your back. Then, push your body to the back until your arms are stretched and continue repeating for around 2 minutes.

Mountain climber

Place your palms on the ground with your arms straight to keep your body high in the air. Bring one leg at a time to the front without it touching your chest as if you were climbing a mountain. Continue to alternate each leg as quickly as possible while maintaining your core tight.

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