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Best Exercises for Toning Your Arms

The fact that we want to look better concerns us all. When summer comes, people are more interested in getting their body sculptured, so they can wear the clothes they desire, without feeling inhibited. Therefore, you should not forget about your arms as they can be easily observed when wearing t-shirts or sleeveless clothes. In order to tone your arms, you have to lose fat and build muscle. It is very hard to lose fat only from your arms, therefore, you will need a training program for your entire body, then you can do some additional exercises for toning your arms. Let’s find out what are the best exercises.


This exercise is one of the simplest and most effective ones that can help you tone your arms faster. The key is to begin slowly and not exceed the number of push-ups you are capable of doing. You have to place your hands on the floor, wider than your shoulders, and your feet stretched out. Easily lower your body to the floor and then push back up. You can repeat two or three sets of ten push-ups. You will see how your arms will tone and get strengthen.

Biceps and triceps

Working the arm muscles is the best way to achieve a toned arm. You don’t have to use too heavy weights, first find out how much weight you can handle and then start your exercise. To begin, you need two dumbbells or other similar weights. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and make alternated bicep curls raising the weights. Raise one dumbbell until it reaches your shoulder’s height and after a short pause, slowly lower it back. Repeat with the other hand.
The same thing you can do in order to work the triceps. One-arm or two-arm extensions are one of the most efficient exercises. You have to stand up and hold the dumbbells with the hands behind your head and then straight up the upper arms. Then lower them back. You can begin with just 10 repetitions for each set.


Pull-up is another great exercise that is recommended for toning the arms. It doesn’t require weights, all you need is to hang from a bar. Doing so, you apply pressure on your upper arms. It’s more difficult than the push-ups, but if you want to do it, then take it slowly and do as many repetitions as you feel comfortable.
Whatever exercise you choose to follow, be sure that you also follow a healthy diet to achieve better results. A proper diet for those who want to tone their arms should include foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates because they help in working the muscles.

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