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A Beginner’s Guide to Weighted Clothing

Weighted clothing is very popular, especially for those who work out on a regular basis. There are many advantages of training with weighted clothing and to better understand what it is and how it can help you increase the intensity level of your training sessions, read our article. Here you will find out more about this amazing clothing, so let’s see its benefits.

What Is Weighted Clothing?

Weighted clothing is made of individual pieces of clothing that have extra weights which can be easily removed according to everyone’s preferences. The main purpose of this clothing is to improve the fitness routine and besides the fact that it’s durable, it’s also surprisingly light weighted.

Cleaning Instructions

The best thing about weighted clothing is that it can be cleaned just like any other piece of clothing, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect. You just need to read the cleaning instructions and wash it  after every wear.

The Main Benefits of Weighted Clothing

In order to better understand how this clothing can help you, you have to know the benefits of wearing it. Therefore, every time you exercise wearing heavy clothing you will increase your metabolism and so you will be able to burn more calories. Also, due to the fact that the muscles will work harder, you will improve your muscle mass and your body will be more defined. Another great benefit of wearing weighted clothing is that it will help you improve your movements. This happens because you will be able to focus more on how to properly perform the exercises and less on how to have a good grip on the traditional weights. Furthermore, working out with weighted clothing will increase your bone density, meaning that your bones will become much stronger.

Weighted Clothing Types

There are many types of weighted clothing and in order to improve your exercise routine, so you have to know which one will fit you best.

Weighted Vests

The weighted vests are the most used type of heavy clothing and they are great for weight loss and improved cardiovascular exercises. They can be worn by both men and women because they are easily adjustable, so if you want to add overall resistance to your exercise routine, they are the best.

Weighted Shirts

The weighted shirts are very fitted and they contain weights which are placed where the major muscles groups are, so these shirts are very challenging when coming to work the muscles of the upper body.

Weighted Arms Sleeves

Weighted arms sleeves are made for strengthening the arms and they can be easily adjusted for everyone who wants to wear them. There are some models that cover the whole arm and there are others that cover only bottom half, but both of them provide a secure fit.

Weighted Shorts

They are great if you want to improve the muscle tone and to increase the strength of the lower body. Also, the weighted shorts are recommended for those who have legs or hip problems and they come with extra pockets according to everyone’s preferences.

Weighted Leg Sleeves

Due to the fact that they are adjustable, these weighted leg sleeves will tone the lower legs of everyone who wears them.

Other Weighted Clothing

There are many other types of weighted clothing and here we can include weighted belts, weighted gloves, weighted shoes and so on. So, if you are interested in increasing the intensity level of your workout routine, choose weather fits you best and take your workouts to the next level.

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